Nowadays, life is so fast-paced that we often forget to take the time to pray together as a family. Since everything else in the world is getting upgraded, what about family devotions? They are necessary for taking our learnings from the church and incorporating them into our lives as we grow in one direction together with our family.
Family devotions are like scheduled meetings in which you just take some time to sit down with your family, read through the Bible, and pray. This develops a sense of unity and aids in the spiritual growth of each individual. The idea of family devotions may seem boring but the goal is to make sure that your children grow up to remain devoted to God and to take this opportunity to discipline them through the word of the Lord. This will show them how what is written in the Bible can still be applied in this century.
So, here are five ways you can liven up your family devotions.
1. Treat it like storytelling
Many children get really excited when you read stories to them. Not only would you be educating them about the Christian faith, but you would also allow them to exercise their imagination. When you read through a chapter, make it seem really interesting so that everyone continues to listen. If you want to be a little more extra, you can even do short role plays of the stories so that it is a bit more interactive and engaging. This would be very exciting to do, especially if you have young kids.
2. Keep it short
It is understandable that we can barely find any time in our busy lives, but a few minutes of family devotions is enough. Instead of thirty-minute long lectures, just keep it clear and concise. Get straight to the point and forget about babbling on and on about things that will only make the rest feel sleepy. The important thing is that everyone is able to get the gist of what is being talked about because let’s be honest, we don’t have very long attention spans.
3. Take turns
During family devotions, each member of the family should take turns in reading the Bible. This way, everyone is treated equally and is given a chance to express his or herself. Having this kind of rotation would help in getting each member of the family to participate and really go deeper into the text. For the young children, this would also aid in getting them more comfortable and familiar with reading the Holy Bible.
4. Create an agenda
Since family devotions are intended to be only a few minutes long, we must make use of the time wisely. Create a little timetable of what would be going on, so that everyone has a bit of an overview of what would be transpiring. For example, you could start with a simple prayer to start your session, read a few passages from the Bible, share a few thoughts, have a short reflection, then end with another prayer. This not only saves time, but it keeps the whole thing organized as you go along.
5. Incorporate music
It is a well-known fact that music makes us feel good. Another great idea is to preach by singing church songs or prayers. This just makes everything so much more active and fun. Along with singing, you may also dance to the songs or music. You can create actions or dance steps which would help you get some exercise. Moreover, perhaps each member of the family can play a musical instrument. The possibilities are really endless.
Family devotions can be customized to your family’s liking for as long as you stick with that same goal that the entire family strengthens their relationship with the Lord and you make sure that you keep God in the center of it all. He should always be the main focus because you are supposed to be giving this time to Him.
As your children get older, hopefully, they will not lose the habit of family devotions. It should be passed on like an heirloom. I pray that family devotions may continue to be practiced in this generation and the generations to come.

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