Scientists say that the entire spectrum of space and time is a multiverse. That if the world just vibrated at a different frequency, one is able to rip the seams of space and time itself and travel to a whole new dimension. It is known as a multiverse because it is infinite. A new dimension is created every year, every month, every day, and every second. Another universe is created from one thing – the choice of a single human.

Humanity makes choices every day. Some may call them useless choices, but even the color of the shirt one is wearing on a specific day can already create a million universes because a single situation can amount to a billion possibilities. But even with the existence of a new universe or universes, one must still make sure that the choices they make every day are the best decisions they can possibly make at that time so that one can live as the best versions of themselves in this universe. One must learn to make courageous choices every day.

What makes a decision brave? Is it saving a country, a nation? Is it saving one person? Is it in the little things? For some, it may be any of those stated above. Courage can mean a lot of things to different people, but true courage is when one sacrifices and risks something valuable for the sake of others. It does not necessarily mean giving up one’s life, but just giving a little bit of one’s time to serve others, that is what matters.

God gave man the free will to make his own choices. He gave them desires and the freedom to accomplish these desires, but though one has freedom as human beings, one also has rights and responsibilities these are duties that we must follow through. The freedom of a person ends once it has stepped on another person’s rights. But even if God does not control every single action humanity makes, He still has the ability to influence the decisions one makes every day through the environment one lives in and the people that one loves.

Whenever one is faced with a trying situation, God gives the victim the strength to be willing to do the right thing when we pray to Him. God opens the eyes of many through the spiritual guidance in the forms of the Bible, parents, teachers, friends, and the spiritual community, the Church. God gave humanity instincts to hesitate before committing a crime. He clouds man with thoughts to assure there is no lapse in judgment or false pretense. Yet the choices one makes are their own and they must bear with the consequences of it, whether it be good or bad.

Whether good or bad, God still continuously sticks by one’s side through thick and thin because He genuinely loves His creation. Choosing an action that will make everyone happy or at least majority happy makes a person noble with her decision.

One is faced with countless choices every single day and most of the time, it never gets any easier. The choices just begin to become more complex and more difficult as time passes. But the smiles on their faces when one is able to make them smile pays off all the struggles that one faced when picking the decision.

The easy choice and right choice are not always the same. With the renewed strength that God provided, one is able to counter every problem with a solution, every weakness with a strength.

The world may be full of possibilities, but a single choice can either limit or expand these possibilities. A single choice may actually change the course of the human race. It is up to one’s bravery and their commitment to that courage to never falter amidst the temptations, failures, and judgments.

The choices we make based upon grace and truth from God are the courageous choices. Truth and justice calls for the courageous. Will you pick the easy choice or the right choice?

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