According to Merriam-Webster, vulnerability is defined as the state or quality of being exposed to the possibility of being harmed. Being vulnerable to something means that you may experience feelings of fear, anxiety, and worthlessness. When you are vulnerable, you feel like a sole zebra surrounded by a pack of lions or a little plant under harsh sunlight.
However, I would define vulnerability as power because it takes strength to accept your own vulnerability. To simply even just acknowledge it means you are far much stronger than you know. When you have the courage to live with that vulnerability, it can completely change your life.
As humans, we are very much susceptible to harmful factors such as illnesses, pollution, and so on. These factors are very obvious since they have a negative impact on our environment as well. Since we are mortal, we are fragile beings. In a literal aspect, a bullet in the head could kill us instantly. But, if we go deeper, we are also vulnerable to heartbreak, disappointments, betrayals, and etc.
Sometimes our vulnerability may hinder us from getting tasks done, grabbing opportunities, or even meeting new people. I’m here to tell you that we must not allow ourselves to succumb to the thought that if you’re vulnerable to something, then you’re not good enough. What makes you vulnerable is in fact what makes you beautiful.
The Apostle Paul faced more persecution, betrayals, shipwrecks, and hardships, yet he came to the conclusion that ‘when he is weak, he is strong’. The Apostle ask that this difficult ministry, ‘a thorn in the flesh’ be removed from his life. In his vulnerability he realized these circumstances brings him to the point to need a resource that is outside himself. When he comes to the end of his resources that God’s resources flow freely in his life with the ability to cope in all the challenges of life. (2 Corinthians 11:21-12:10)
We all have in common: courage, compassion, connection, and vulnerability. Paul embraced vulnerability like it was a good thing, and actually, it is. We go through addiction or other alternatives in an attempt to choose what we want to feel. Sadly, it really does not work that way and we will only be making it worse if we keep those feelings deep inside us. Paul stated, ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’. (Philippians 4:13). He learned the secret of strength through weakness.
Loretta and I would need a few days to process a negative report on the cancer that was invading her physical body. In those few days we would read the Bible and the letters of the Apostle Paul and found our thoughts and minds focused on the character of God in Christ. The circumstance did not dominate and in-prison our thoughts, but the faithfulness of God anchored our minds and hearts. We stated many times that cancer did not dictate or determine our life, but the plan and purposes of God for our lives. In the final years the doctors would tell Loretta that she is outliving all the protocols for this cancer diagnosis.
We all need to embrace our vulnerability and acknowledge our needs, fears, and discouragement. Vulnerability must lead somewhere, better I would say must lead you to One who can give you strength because He created every one of us from the moment in our mother’s womb (Psalm 139:13-16).

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